Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kaffeehaus, Hahndorf

Your reviewer returned to Hahndorf recently to sample the wonderful range of produce in the area. As well as sampling cheese, wine, pickles and chocolate at various locations in Hahndorf, Balhannah and Woodside, your reviewer tried hot chocolates at a couple more venues.

The Kaffeehaus had a selection of hot chocolates including Hazelnut, White Chocolate and Mocca. Your reviewer tried the double chocolate for $3.50. This came in a tall glass with a handle and a wonderfully sticky marshmallow. There has not been much comment about the quality of the marshmallows in this blog but this was superior in quality to the standard supermarket marshmallows served with other hot chocolate offerings. The drink itself was delicious, really chocolaty and creamy. It was served with a thin froth and a sprinkle of chocolate on top.

After the Kaffeehaus your reviewer headed toward Balhannah for the Cocolat chocolate experience.

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