Friday, August 14, 2009

Chocolate @ No. 5, Hahndorf

I had been looking forward for some time to visiting this shop as its Hot Chocolate was well renowned. The trip to Hahndorf from Adelaide takes about half an hour and it is well worth the visit. There are a range of Cafés, restaurants and specialty shops along the main road and Myrtle and I had a wonderful walk through the town sampling the wares in a couple of locations.

Chocolate @ No. 5, is a cottage from the early history of Hahndorf with sandstone walls and roughly hewn wooden ceilings. The interior is cosy and the staff eager to please. The Belgian style hot chocolates are available in Milk, White, Dark or Mocca. I went for the dark hot chocolate. It was a great tasting chocolate in a large ceramic cup. It was decorated with an even froth with the "No. 5" spelt out on top with chocolate sprinkles. It was not just rich but had the right sweetness and lighter tastes (perhaps hazelnut) within the hot chocolate. There were no marshmallows but they were not required because the chocolate was perfect as it was, and the dessert Lady Myrtle purchased to go with it was quite sweet enough.


  1. I am one of the new owners of Chocolate @ No. 5 and would very much like to contact you regarding a new review of our hot chocolate. We have introduced Spanish chocolate to our hot chocolate menu and as each cup is now freshly handmade feel that the overall quality and appearance is much improved. You can contact us at 0883881835 should you wish.


  2. Thanks Aliwolf

    Chocolate @ No. 5 was an excellent hot chocolate venue. Now that it has new owners and new items on the menu I look forward to trying it again.