Sunday, August 30, 2009

Citrus, Hutt Street

Your reviewer went to Citrus for another long lunch in Hutt Street. Citrus is another fine eating venue with a good service and atmosphere. The Marmadukes sat inside where we could admire the stone work of the old building and look out of the floor-to-ceiling window that was next to our table. Your reviewer chose the fish from the short lunch menu. He was amazed by the large plate on which it was served and a little disappointed by the small quantity on the plate. A photo of a small portion of snapper lost in the middle of rather large plate has been included. It tasted good nevertheless.

Of course you can have hot chocolate with anything and your reviewer chose to have one with his fish. The $4.50 hot chocolate came in a small glass with no marshmallows. There was no napkin as was served with a similar glass at the Earl of Leicester, but the chocolate was only lukewarm so there was no threat of burnt fingertips. The froth was tasty and there was a sprinkle of cocoa but the drink was weak and disappointing especially given the waiter had referred to it as an Italian hot chocolate.

This venue seems to have closed and is now on the list of disappearing hot chocolate venues.

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