Sunday, August 23, 2009

Alfonso's Continental

I returned for a long lunch in Hutt Street recently. It was a sunny day and was pleasant sitting under the big umbrellas outside this restaurant. Alfonso's offers an extensive menu of Italian food so I was surprised when the hot chocolate cost only $2.90. Regular readers will know that the $3 hot chocolate is one that I have tracked especially. It came with a marshmallow, a good froth and sprinkle of chocolate.

Unfortunately the chocolate tasted weak and watery until I got near the bottom and realised it had not had much of stir. I had a similar problem with the Duthy Street Deli hot chocolate. Why go to the trouble of making a hot chocolate and not stir it? I do not want to destroy the barista's craft by stirring the drink as soon as I get it. I prefer to preserve look of the froth and decoration so I expect my hot chocolate to be mixed before getting to my table.


  1. if you stir the chocolate in when making the hot chocolate you wont get the lovely chocolate lumps that float on the froth. you'd have to then sprinkle it with more chocolate. in my opinion its better with the lumps and i dont mind then stirring it myself but i suppose everyones different.

  2. get real---stir your own hot chocolate---some have nothing else better to do than complain---- you should go to the third world contries where you dont have much food and i dont think they have hot choc!!!! some people have no idea!!1