Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hot Chocolate Limericks

In Merkel Marmaduke's pursuit of hot chocolate poetry, your reviewer searched the net for hot chocolate poems in Limerick form. Alas, the search found nothing worth publishing to his erudite readership so here he has contributed the following of his own.

What in the world do you think
Is the bev'rage for Merkel to drink
No cup of weak tea
Nor coffee for me
A choc'late with marshmallow pink

A busy hot choc-o-late buyer
Said he once put out a big fire
With milk and a froth
The flames just went off
I think he was prob'ly a liar

A man from Adelaide City
Tried writing a trivial ditty
On Choc'late to drink
The rhyming did stink
And the rhythm's a bit of a pity

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