Monday, August 3, 2009

Kappy's Café Tea and Coffee House

Kappy's, formerly known as Kappy and Wright's, has had a long history in Adelaide extending back to 1932. It has had a number of owners and locations but it has always had a fine reputation for coffees and teas. This is evident when you go into the Café at 53 Flinders St and see the canisters of tea and coffee along the wall.

I have had a number of good hot chocolates at Kappy's. They traditionally serve it in a long stemmed glass with a couple of marshmallows. More recently they have been providing drinks to patrons in a mug but they are still happy to do it in the glass.

The hot chocolate cost $4.40. It had plenty of froth with a sprinkle of chocolate at its centre. The drink was rich and creamy from top to bottom. With the help of one of the marshmallows it was the perfect sweetness.
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  1. The REAL Kappys is located at unit 1 / 22 Compton st. Adelaide. The above establishment DOES NOT buy genuine Kappys & Wright product.

  2. To anonymous: Do the REAL Kappys serve hot chocolate?

  3. Yes of course the real Kappys serves hot chocolate. I was there last week and they have two choices now, the original and now one made in Victoria from African Cocoa, take your pick.