Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pulteney Street Café

This is small Café at Shop 3/241 Pulteney Street. There is plenty of seating although Myrtle and I were the only people eating in when we were there. There seemed to be some language gap as I ordered a chicken, avocado and tomato roll which came without the avocado or tomato. I ordered a medium sized hot chocolate for $4.10. I am not sure how they came up with this price as the takeaway cups on the wall suggest it should $3.50 for a medium cup plus 30 cents for hot chocolate. Perhaps having a real mug cost an extra 30 cents. I am sure the extra 30 cents for we hot chocolate drinkers is discriminatory anyway.

That is enough of the whingeing. The hot chocolate was not too bad. It was a reasonable sized mug with a good froth and a sprinkle of cocoa. No marshmallows. The drink tasted creamy but the chocolate tasted a bit artificial and there was sediment on the bottom.

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