Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cocolat, Hyde Park

Cocolat in Hyde Park (162b King William Rd) is a shop within a shop. It is hosted by Dariwell Farm, a gourmet produce retailer. Having a coffee shop within another shop is an interesting concept a bit like Café Foyerism but is not unheard of. The Borders book shop has been hosting an internal coffee shop for years.

Cocolat started out as a cake and dessert retailer. The combination of gourmet produce retailer and chocolate dessert shop allows it to provide an excellent Café experience. They do a good antipasto to have with your hot chocolate. I noticed they sell the Arkadia organic hot chocolate and Fraus rich European hot chocolate from their shelves.

At $2.95 this is the cheapest hot chocolate I have tried and it came with white and pink marshmallows. It came in ceramic cup with a good froth and sprinkle of chocolate. I would have preferred the chocolate to be richer. The friendly waitress advised that it was made from the Arkadia hot chocolate I had spotted on the shelves.

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