Friday, July 31, 2009

Café Foyerism

It is always fun to create a new term and claim to be an expert in it. Your reviewer, Merkel Marmaduke has done a bit of research by sitting in various Cafes drinking hot chocolate and has noticed a trend of large buildings having foyers with Cafés. See reviews Un Caffe Bar, The Bean Bar and Stax on Flinders.

Merkel Marmaduke claims the phrase "Café Foyerism" as his own after checking for any instances of this phrase on the net. Interestingly Foyerism and Foyuerism (A form of voyeurism conducted in foyers) get a mention.

The Merkel Marmaduke thesis is that Café Foyerism grew out of a number of other trends.

  • The outsourcing of the work canteen,
  • The need for less ground floor customer contact space for large organisations like banks because of ATMs and the internet, and
  • The development of the arcade food hall where chairs and tables were shared by a number of food vendors.
There has always been a strong demand for cafes in ground floor locations. The foyer café seems a sensible use of sometimes quite grand looking foyers. The contractual squabbles must be interesting because the space is shared but Merkel thinks it works as a concept.

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