Monday, July 27, 2009

The Bean Bar

There are a number of Bean Bars around Adelaide. I tried the one on Gouger Street near the Central Market on a Saturday afternoon. I chose the regular sized "snow top" hot chocolate as it was explained to me this had white chocolate on top. I was offered a paper cup because it was near closing time. I would have preferred the normal glass but felt that it would be uncooperative to insist.

The froth of the chocolate did indeed taste of white chocolate and was quite nice. The cup for $3.80 was reasonably generous. Unfortunately the rest of the chocolate did not have much if any cocoa in it and tasted like simply milk and sugar. This was not to your reviewer's taste.

I returned to another Bean Bar in Flinders St, Adelaide later in the week. There was not much seating space but there are seats on the pavement and some in the adjoining credit union foyer.

I chose the mint flavoured hot chocolate. This hot chocolate was a better experience than the "snow top". It was a rich chocolate flavour with a mint flavour that was not overpowering. Lady Marmaduke dislikes the mint and chocolate combined but I think it works well. The presentation was not the best as I ordered take away and paper cups do not impress Merkel Marmaduke. The cost was $3.90.


  1. Bean Bar's Chili Hot Chocolate is to die for on a cold day. YUM!

  2. The Chili Hot Chocolate is disgusting it is a terrible creation whoever invented it should be shot.

  3. The Chili Hot Chocolate is awesome, can't believe the comment above. They should be shot!