Saturday, July 25, 2009

Adelaide Coffee Bar

The Adelaide Coffee Bar is a pleasant Café in the Adelaide CBD. From its décor, it is obviously a place of coffee connoisseurs but also not too bad for Hot Chocolate devotees. The Hot Chocolate could be served in Medium ($3.20) or Large ($4.00) and you could also purchase an Italian hot chocolate for $4.50. Alas, your reviewer did not see the Italian option until it was too late. Nevertheless he was not disappointed by the standard cup.

The medium cup was generous. The Hot Chocolate came with the best decorated froth your reviewer has seen so far. White froth on top of brown froth meant there was a light brown circle around the perimeter of the cup and a generous chocolate sprinkle was applied in a neat semicircle. No marshmallows. The taste was rich and creamy to the bottom.

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