Friday, August 28, 2009

Al Fresco East End Gelateria & Pasticceria

Al Fresco's has been a long standing establishment on Rundle Street. It sells gelati, pasta and pizza. I went there looking for an Italian Hot Chocolate but made the mistake of not specifying Italian hot chocolate as I could not see any menus with the Italian Hot Chocolate listed. Later I counted 15 menus in the establishment and did find one with "Italian Chocolate" listed. This review will talk about two hot chocolates. The first is the standard hot chocolate I had on the first evening and the second is the Italian chocolate that I sampled after returning the following night.

The standard hot chocolate was $3.50 with no marshmallows. The froth was creamy and came with sprinkle of chocolate but the drink itself was too weak. It was served in a Coffex coffee cup.

The Italian chocolate was $4.00 also with no marshmallows. It came in a tiny glass, probably about the size that would contain a short black coffee. It was full to the brim with the very dark Italian hot chocolate. No froth or decoration. The chocolate tasted dark, smooth and rich. It went very well with my bowl of rum and raisin gelato. I was very glad to have found another venue that provided thick Italian Hot Chocolate. It was a different experience to the one at the Adelaide Coffee Bar but it was still a delight.
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