Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fräus Hot Chocolate

During a trip to Hahndorf with Lady Marmaduke we wandered into the Just Chocolate shop and was delighted to find a large selection of the Fräus range of European hot chocolates mixes. Avid readers may recall that I first encountered this range at Cocolat, Hyde Park. Cocolat were selling this only by the box and as you may imagine the Marmaduke household pantry is already full of hot chocolate. Just Chocolate sold this product by the sachet. So for a minimal investment I was able to purchase a sample of the different Fräus flavours on offer.

The first I tried was the "Classic Classico" hot chocolate. The sachet cost $2.80 and it is simply mixed with 150ml of milk. This makes the hot chocolate a small drink but it is rich and thick and it is unlikely you will feel unsatisfied consuming your hot chocolate. The style is clearly Italian hot chocolate, almost as good as the one I had at the Adelaide Coffee Bar. I note that the product, packed in Australia by the German-named Fräus, is still labeled as "Product of Italy" so the reader can have some comfort that this is authentic Italian hot chocolate.

The next flavour I tried was "Mela Cannella Apple Cinnamon". This had the same richness but the apple and cinnamon flavour was not particularly appealing. The "Peperoncino Chilli" hot chocolate on the other hand packed a punch but could have done with the sweetness a bit of cinnamon would have provided. The last one I tried was "Fondente Extra Dark" which had a darker chocolate flavour and a slightly bitter after-taste.

It was great to be able to sample these different flavours but for me the Classic was my favourite.

Some time later I tried the Fraus banana hot chocolate. This was a taste reminiscient of a banana split and was a pleasant variation on the Classic. The orange and cinnamon was not quite so tasty but it was still a nice drink.

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