Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Four Funks

Merkel Marmaduke visited three more "Funk Coffee & Food" outlets last week adding to the Funk outlet he visited in Flinders Street. The décor of these outlets is good and they have a standard menu. The hot chocolate is $3.20 but you can spend a further 80 cents to get a mug rather than a cup. The Vienna hot chocolate is $4.50.

76 Waymouth Street
The Funk café in Waymouth Street has a similar red and black décor to the one in Flinders Street. It had plenty of seating and had some booth seating that the Flinders Street venue did not have.

For a change Merkel ordered the Vienna Hot Chocolate which came in a tall glass with handle. It was topped with cream and a sprinkle of cocoa (see photo below). It was a good chocolaty flavour and the cream was not over powering as it is sometimes with the Vienna drink.

250 Victoria Square
Funk Coffee and Food in the foyer of the new SA Water building is a spectacular example of café foyerism. This is high ceiling foyer with huge glass windows in a spacious area. There is an SA Water information desk, some seating and the usual people coming and going to the lifts as well the Funk outlet in this foyer. The décor is similar to the other Funk outlets but there is a timber floor and less red probably as a concession to the décor of the foyer. They have used this foyer in the opening of the Funk web-site. The menu seems to be same as the Waymouth St Funk.

Merkel ordered the standard hot chocolate. The drink was not as tasty or as well presented as the one illustrated in the posting for the earlier Flinders Street Funk.

Frome St, Adelaide
There was plenty of seating but the shop was a little drafty and the bare concrete floor did not help one feel particular warm. Merkel ordered the Vienna Hot Chocolate. It was the same presentation as at Waymouth but not as well executed as some of it was spilt and cream was not quite as elegant.

The summary is that the Flinders Funk did a good hot chocolate and Waymouth Funk did a good Vienna chocolate but the Visit to Victoria Square was great just for the surroundings.

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