Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chocolate @ No. 5

Chocolate @ No. 5 is Hahndorf's hot chocolate and dessert Café. It has been established for some time in an old rustic cottage at the far end of the Hahndorf main road and has recently been taken over by new management. I was invited to review the new menu in January but have not taken up the opportunity until now.

Hahndorf is a thriving tourist destination and there are plenty of Cafes and restaurants to choose from. Chocolate @ No. 5 is an excellent place to finish up for a dessert and hot chocolate.

Many patrons will still enjoy the Classic No.5 Belgian hot chocolate that is still offered in Milk, Dark and White chocolate from about $5.00. A number of different flavourings are now also available. There was however a new section of the menu that demanded my attention. It was the the high cocoa content hot chocolates from single origins "for the conoissieur". The Café may as well have had a menu entry that said "Merkel, drink me". There was a choice between Mexican (Mexique 66% cocoa), Venezualian or Tanzanian hot chocolates.

The Mexique hot chocolate came in a glass with a metal handle. It had a simple brown froth. This was a plain presentation as it was all about the flavour of the chocolate and the rich, bitter hot chocolate flavour.  The flavour was similar to that of high cocoa content chocolate blocks.  The consumer can taste the subtleties associated with the origin of the chocolate. At $8.00 this chocolate experience may not be for everyone but the new Chocolate @ No. 5 provides a unique opportunity to try something different from the world of hot chocolate.
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