Monday, May 30, 2011

The Little Leaf and Bean

I noticed a couple of signs for The Little Leaf and Bean sign on Coromandel Parade at Blackwood. One sign referred to the Coffee Barun which does good coffees and a good hot chocolate so I thought the Little Leaf and Bean would be a good place to try a hot chocolate. The Café is tucked away behind a number of other shops at 19 Coromandel Parade, further from the Blackwood roundabout than Montagna. It is a cosy shop furnished with a range of tables and lounge seating.

The hot chocolate came in a glass mug with a triangular saucer. It was finished with a nice patterned froth and a line of chocolate powder down one one side. A marshmallow was provided in the saucer. Alas, the hot chocolate was far too weak and watery and cost $4.00.
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