Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coffee Barun

The Coffee Barun is a specialist coffee shop at 221 Main North Road, Sefton Park. It has tables inside and outside and sells coffee making equipment as well as a variety of light meals. There is a strong coffee theme inside the store. The menus are covered in the hessian from coffee bags and the tables have coffee beans inlaid under the glass table tops. The magazines available in the shop are all coffee magazines.

The drawcard for Merkel was that they offered a Belgian hot chocolate on their menu. This cost only $3.80 and came in the Coffee Barun's standard coffee cup and triangular saucer. The hot chocolate came with simple light brown froth which contrasted with the elegant art work on Myrtle's cappuccino. While the drink was light in colour the flavour was rich and clearly Belgian. The Belgian flavour is unmistakable but also indescribable.
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