Monday, January 18, 2010

T-Bar, Adelaide Central Plaza

There are three T-bar retail outlets in South Australia. While they are most notable for their range of teas, they also serve light meals and other beverages like hot chocolate. Your reviewer attended the Adelaide Central Plaza outlet recently.

The hot chocolate cost $3.40 and had a creamy froth with a syrup design on the top. It was served in a glass and unfortunately the syrup design overflowed the glass and made for a sticky fingers experience. There was no protection against the heat for sensitive fingertips except for a flimsy napkin provided with the drink. Pink and white marshmallows were generously provided with the drink. The drink was not sufficiently chocolaty for our reviewer’s taste.
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  1. Two more places for you to review:

    Steven ter Horst Chocolatier (cafe)- 221d Unley Rd. near Wattle St. corner

    Koko Dream Cafe - Hallet Cove Shopping centre

  2. Have always found the hot chocolate to be $3.40 not $4.40

  3. I expect the price was a typo. I'll make the change.