Saturday, January 23, 2010

Qantas Flight

On the international flight between Sydney and Honolulu, Qantas provided a complimentary cup of hot chocolate. It came in a paper cup. It was a fairly good paper cup. The cups I hate are those that seem to absorb moisture from my mouth. This was a more plastic finish.

The chocolate served was a Cadbury’s hot chocolate. This did not seem to be the same as what I make at home. It had a good rich flavour to it. This was not a particular dark flavour but nevertheless chocolaty. There was no froth on the hot chocolate but there was a marshmallow already dunked provided to passengers.


  1. The hot chocolate from Qantas made a imprint on my taste buds till now. I bought the Cadbury Drinking chocolate but did not make a cup of hot chocolate that is as near as Qantas hot choc. Any tips?

  2. Yeah where can you buy the qantas hot chocolate from??? It was fantastic!