Saturday, January 30, 2010

Desert Rose Cafe, Ocean View

Ocean View is a small community in the middle of nowhere between Kona on the “Big Island” of Hawaii and the Kilaueua active volcano. The Marmaduke family found a little diner called Desert Rose in Ocean View while on the road between these two locations. The Big Island is not well served with good beverage venues. Desert Rose boasted the only espresso machine within forty miles. Unfortunately it was not operational at the time of visiting. Merkel can only speculate about the reason behind the name. This was a tropical island and not a desert but it was certainly a bit of a wilderness.

The hot chocolate cost $1.60 and came in generous ceramic mugs. This was the first time Merkel received a ceramic mug in the USA. The juniors also had hot chocolate and the variety of colourful but unrelated mugs was quaint. We were offered whipped cream topping for the drinks. As there was no other frothing we accepted. Our waiter squirted the whipped cream out of the can at our table. The flavour of the hot chocolate was good and needed sweetening but there was not enough milk used and they were too hot.
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