Sunday, January 31, 2010

Laniakea Cafe, Kona Airport

Kona Airport on the Big Island of Haiwaii is a fairly rudimentary airport. Most of the airport is outdoors. You walk over the tarmac to get the aeroplane. You wait outside for the airplane. The check-in and baggage collection is from a large shelter. However there are a number of shops that are separate enclosed buildings. One of these is Laniakea Cafe which does a number of light meals and drinks for travellers.

The hot chocolate is not particularly sophisticated. There was plently of chocolate in it but not much milk. It was not frothed at all but there was some bubbles left after the drink was poured into the cup which soon dissipated. The cup was paper as usual and the cost was $2.25.

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  1. Worst service in Hawaii! Lady at counter was as rude as can be! If you don't like your job find a new one you live in Hawaii cheer up