Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whisk Patisserie

Whisk Patisserie is set up in an historic building near the tram crossing at 113 Goodwood Road. It has Café seating inside and outside. It has rolls and quiches available for lunch and a short breakfast menu.

The hot chocolate comes in an impressive tall ceramic mug. The drink is topped with a light brown froth and a sprinkle of cocoa with a hint of cinnamon. The drink is light and frothy and made with real chocolate with Belgian flavour. This was a pleasant and stylish drink.


  1. It's "a historic", not "an historic". Do you eat "an banana"? Did you drive to work today in "an car"? Do you live in "an house"? No, you don't, do you?

  2. My learned colleague
    Thank you for pointing out I am in the minority for using the phrase "an historic". I refer you to which suggests that both forms are correct. Did you spend "a hour" researching this one?

  3. 'an historic' is the older perhaps more literary correct version.