Friday, April 9, 2010

Baretto Corte Caffe

Baretto at 302A King William Street is a long thin Café with seating inside and outside. The food is expensive with a short menu of fine looking meals but the starting price was $15.00 for a bowl of soup. Merkel spotted a schnitzel roll on display so chose this so that he could save his funds for his investment in hot chocolates. Unfortunately the roll was dry and tasteless.

The hot chocolate did not improve this horrible dining experience. The froth was not too bad but the drink had not been stirred and after sipping what was mostly milk from the top of the cup Merkel discovered a thick vein chocolate powder at the bottom of the cup. This was a disappointing waste. The hot chocolate cost $4.50.
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  1. All produce at Baretto is organic! The Panini are quite the opposite of tasteless, more than twenty are made at 11.30am and before i can get my hands on one, they are all sold out. Might i add this would only be around 12.30 1pm that i come in, before the lunch rush!
    Despite on your poor feedback Merkal,
    Little do you know about your hot chocolates! I am a regular customer at Baretto and without a doubt there hot chocolates are very good. With a silk Saturn milk texture that just melts in your mouth, it has the right amount of chocolate, and if there is excess chocolate at the bottom it is to be stirred, hence why there is a spoon! Also before you criticize make sure your information is correct. It is $3.20 for a hot chocolate; small take away $3.50, medium $4.50 and large $5.50. I rate Baretto Corte Cafe hot chocolate 4 ½ stars out of 5.

    1. Very dodgy, the owner giving his cafe a self review. Please delete this post it is making your cafe loose all credibility. I would never eat here simply for the fact that your are deceiving the public by posting as a "patron" when you are clearly the owner!

  2. Do you think that Alex works at Baretto?
    I reckon it's a given.

  3. Yes. I would guess he has some interest in the establishment.

    I like the idea of "Saturn Milk". It seems a long way to go though.

  4. The beautiful young guy (owners son!) who makes the coffees, is very pleasing on the eye though!!!!!

  5. My above comment should have read "easy on the eye". In fact he's delicious. I'd buy a hot chocolate from him any day!! :)

  6. dont know about the hot chocolate but the food and coffee are some of the best in adelaide

    now opening for dinner on a friday night and i have not eaten italian food that good since i was in italy

    would recommend it to everyone that appreciates quality food

  7. Yes I agree anonymous .... With everything apart from the owners son.... No comment there. The food is the best Authentic Italian food I've had ... Feels like a home cooked meal everytime!!
    Keep up the good work

  8. Wow all theses anonymous posts protecting the "reputation" of a sub - par cafe, as well as commenting on the looks of the owner. If you are going to make fake posts about your own cafe at least don't talk about your looks, pretty sure it's a dead give away that the owner is writing about his cafe/himself.

    And for Alex, how would you know the produce at Baretto is fresh and what time all produce is made if you have no financial interest in the cafe. Any review from a party with a financial interest in a product is absolutely worthless.

    I have eaten at Baretto, whilst the coffee is ok, the food was old stale and well past its used by date. The waiter was extremely rude and arrogant as well as the smell of the place which can only be described as putrid, vial and very off putting. Very overpriced, under serviced and of poor quality.

    Here's an idea instead of making up fake posts trying to protect your withering reputation why don't you actually spent some time in delivering better quality food, hire new wait staff and put in some internal control procedures in order to fix you hygiene problems!