Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cocolat, Rundle Street

Your reviewer had his long awaited visit to the Cocolat Rundle Street store recently. After a couple of attempts where the shop was full he finally chose time that was less busy. The Rundle Street venue is better geared up for a large Café trade than their other outlets at Hyde Park and Balhannah which have been reviewed previously. The surroundings are luxurious and comfortable with comfortable soft chairs and mood lighting.

As with the Balhannah outlet there were hot chocolates to choose from such as chilli, white, mocha and top deck. Merkel chose the top deck hot chocolate which is named after the Cadbury chocolate bar that combines milk chocolate and white chocolate in the same chocolate bar. The Cocolat Top Deck is made by putting white chocolate syrup in the glass followed by dark chocolate syrup followed but your standard hot chocolate mixture. The drink was finished with a thin forth and a sprinkle of chocolate flakes and served with a marshmallow. This hot chocolate cost $4.50 and came in a tall glass with a handle.

The hot chocolate was too milky for Merkel's taste and the chocolate syrups seemed more gimmicky than a true taste sensation. The real success of the trip was the individually made "Brandy Apricot" dessert that was purchase with the hot chocolate. This chocolaty yet fruity cake was delicious.
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