Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Taldy-Kurgan also known as "Taldykorgan" is the administrative centre of Kazakhstan but is also the name of stall 3 in the Adelaide Central Market. On the sign outside the stall they advertise Eurasian food and organic coffee. This seemed to include some Russian dishes, omelettes and other light meals.

Your reviewer has also resorted to Wikipedia to work out what they might mean by Eurasian food. Eurasia is the geographical combination of Europe and Asia. The term also refers to people of mixed European and Asian ancestry. It is also a form of fusion cuisine that combines styles of cooking from Europe and Asia. Given the name of the stall I expect the food was fairly typical of the Kazakhstan region.

This background is all pretty irrelevant for this review. While your reviewer purchased the hot chocolate from the Taldy-Kurgan stall he enjoyed a curry from the Malacca Corner nearby. The hot chocolate was quite delicious though. It was a creamy Swiss style hot chocolate. It came in a tall glass with a handle and was $3.50. It had a good froth and a sprinkle of chocolate on top.
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