Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Pancake Kitchen

The Pancake Kitchen is an Adelaide icon which has stood the test of time. It is one of the most enduring all-night establishments in South Australia and created a model that was used in other states in Australia. Details have changed over the years but it still has a similar menu to when it started and provides good value meals around the clock. One innovation is the live Webcam on its website which shows the table at which Merkel and Myrtle sat when they dined at the restaurant earlier this week.

The Pancake Kitchen has a menu based around pancakes which most people think of as a dessert. Merkel therefore had an expectation that the restaurant might do something special when it came to hot chocolate. He was not disappointed. The menu had a standard hot chocolate for $3.50, a Vienna hot chocolate for $5.00 but also a marshmallow cocoa for $5.00. The marshmallow cocoa was a hot chocolate topped with home made marshmallow. It came in a tall glass with a handle, topped with an iceberg of marshmallow. The apology from the waitress suggested that the marshmallow topping usually was presented a little more elegantly. It was a block of marshmallow which came out of the glass at an angle and was topped with a sprinkling of cocoa. This presented a challenge to the drinker. The marshmallow and the chocolate beneath it tasted good. The light sticky marshmallow balanced well with the chocolaty drink. The challenge of negotiating the drink with strategic sips and teaspoons of marshmallow was part of the appeal.
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