Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hot Chocolate Extras

One of the burning questions for hot chocolate drinkers is what extras they can expect with their hot chocolate. If the you expect a marshmallow or two with your hot chocolate where can you go? The results of Merkel Marmaduke's research are below.

Out of 136 hot chocolate reviewed 86 hot chocolates had no extras. This is the majority or 63% of hot chocolates.

37 hot chocolates came with at least one marshmallow. These marshmallows did not come dunked or with any other extras.
• 19 came with a single marshmallow,
• 13 came with a pink and a white marshmallow,
• Four came with two white marshmallows (Hilton Hotel, Kappy's Café, Sky High Café and Muffin Break) and
• The Café Delicieuse hot chocolate came with a white and an orange marshmallow

Four hot chocolates came with a chocolate:
Cremorne Hotel (Wrapped Chocolate)
Duthy Street Deli (Button)
Jardine's on the Square (Wrapped Chocolate)
Square Café (Jaffa)

Three hot chocolates came with their marshmallows already dunked which is practice Merkel does not approve of. Three provided miscellaneous but disappointing variations on the theme such as
Three hot chocolates provided more desirable extras. These were:
For further details of all the hot chocolates on this blog and the extras that came with them check out the spreadsheet; either the Excel version or the CSV version. These files are always available in the right margin of this blog.

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