Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chau Colat

This is Belgian hot chocolate on a stick. Chau Colat comes in a small plastic packet and it looks like a lollipop. I expect the name is a French pun as Chaud is French for hot. The chocolate on a stick looks impressive with a little drink cup rendered in light and white chocolate.

To turn Chau Colat into hot chocolate requires the drinker dip it into a cup of hot milk (heated to 75 degrees) and stir it. For a similar review see Chocablog. Kath at Chocablog probably does a better photo.

Your reviewer purchased this treat from Chocolates on Parade in Norwood. Chau Colat cost $4.30 for a single hot chocolate so this is pretty expensive for a home made drink but the taste was good, dark and Belgian.


  1. This only costs 99 Euro cents (1.36 USD) in Finland.

  2. Thanks Ilona
    I will have to visit Finland some time.