Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trading Post Cafe

Just inland from Cairns in North Queensland is a town called Kuranda. The best thing about Kuranda is the means of getting there and back. The Sky Rail cable car travels over the rainforest canopy up the side of the mountain. There are two stops on the way with boardwalks and lookouts. The Historic Scenic railway travels through 15 tunnels and provides spectacular views on the way. So it was that Merkel Marmaduke and his family from Adelaide visited Kuranda.

The Trading Post Complex at Kuranda includes a cafe, restaurant and number of specialty shops and market stalls. The cafe there provides a hot chocolate for $4.00 and an iced chocolate $5.00. They were both decorative in a glass mug for the chocolate and tall glass for the iced chocolate. Both drinks were a good standard taste without being remarkable.

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