Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Village Restaurant, Iced Chocolate

Daintree Village is a village on the edge of the world heritage listed Daintree Forest. The Marmaduke family visited here after cruising down the river and viewing a number of the crocodiles which inhabit the mangroves there. The Village Restaurant like many in this area, is open to the elements. You can sit inside or outside under the veranda but there is not much difference because the doors and windows are wide open. The restaurant is for casual dining and does a range of snacks and meals.

Merkel decided on the iced chocolate because of the warm weather. It came in a tall glass with a stem and was topped with vanilla ice cream, cream and a liberal sprinkling of chocolate powder. Chocolate syrup was used to make a good squiggly pattern that could be seen through the walls of the glass. The syrup and the chocolate on top were not sufficient to make this drink a good chocolate flavour. The drink was too milky and the syrup too sweet to have a good chocolate experience. This was a decorative iced chocolate and cost $4.50.

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