Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sass Fish & Chips and Coffee

Sass is a small Café at 314 Pulteney Street, sandwiched between a Moroccan restaurant and a Thai restaurant. It sells coffee and hot chocolate from its front window and until recently was hair salon. Once patrons squeeze past the front counter it opens up into a bright area with a range of seating. It is has a retro style about it and is little reminiscent of a hair salon waiting room. You can dine inside or use the one of the two tables on the footpath.

The hot chocolate on the menu is advertised as "Swiss Hot (Chocolate Marshmallow)". Perhaps that is what economists mean when they talk about bracket creep. This is worth a website like apostrophe catastrophes but I can't find one for bracket rackets.

The hot chocolate came in a wonderfully original looking cup and saucer. It did have a marshmallow but not a chocolate marshmallow as suggested by the misprinted menu. It was topped with the usual white froth and sprinkle of chocolate. The taste was of a Swiss hot chocolate but it was not sufficiently rich and cost $3.50.

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