Monday, October 4, 2010

The Daily Grind

Together with Espresso Yourself and Wild Thyme, a café with the same name in New South Wales gets a mention in a blog about puns in cafe names. The Daily Grind is a name that has also been used for skateboard retailers and online newspapers but it is also a coffee shop in the Alice Springs arcade. This may be a franchise or just a popular name. The name of the Café is emblazoned in gold glittery lettering above the door of this coffee shop in the Yeperenye Centre Arcade, Alice Springs. In addition to coffees, teas and chocolates it does a range of sandwiches.

The hot chocolate comes in large cup with a white froth and a sprinkling of cocoa. The taste is not as rich as your reviewer would like and not as creamy either. It does come with a white and a pink marshmallow though; the gold standard in hot chocolate presentation.

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