Friday, October 1, 2010

The Ghan

Merkel and Myrtle made the trip to Alice Springs by train in a Ghan Red Service Cabin and returned in a Gold Service Cabin. The countryside was looking resplendent after the drought-breaking rains had turned the farm country to a verdant green before this country made way for the red sand and saltbush further north.

Red Diner

It was good that Choo Choo’s Cafe hot chocolate was so good because the drink in the Red Diner aboard The Ghan was terrible. It was instant hot chocolate from a vending machine operated by the staff. There was no real froth and it was far too sweet. It was served in a paper cup and cost $2.50.

Queen Adelaide Restaurant (Gold Diner)

The trip back from Alice Springs was much more comfortable in the Gold Service Cabin. There is more room in the cabins, there is a lounge car for sitting in comfortable chairs and watching the scenery go by and there is a table service restaurant instead of the self-service dining car. The tables have table cloths and patrons are served tasty meals by friendly staff. The main differences between this and other restaurants is the moving scenery outside and the clinking of the crockery as the train moves along.

Unfortunately the hot chocolate was little better in the Queen Adelaide Restaurant. The drink was complimentary and served in a ceramic cup but the taste was much the same as in the red diner.

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