Friday, October 15, 2010

Sumo Station

Sumo Station at 172 Pulteney Street offers Japanese Cuisine such as Sushi, Bento and Tepanyaki. It is one of older restaurants with a Sushi Train. Another innovation in this restaurant is fishing net on one wall with a large number "Wish Fish" attached. Patrons write a wish on a fish and attach it to the net for it come true. Once your wish comes true patrons are expected to return to collect there fish to show their gratitude.

The Hot Chocolate was not on the menu but Sumo Station had no problem granting Merkel's wish for his favourite beverage. The hot chocolate cost four dollars and came in a tall glass with a stem and saucer. A pink and a white marshmallow were also provided. The chocolate was finished with a white froth and was reasonably rich once it had been given a good stir.
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