Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jack's Café & Bakery, Strathalbyn

Merkel visited Strathalbyn where he stopped for a hot chocolate at Jack's . This has an unassuming front but opens out into a big modern dining area with some great artwork adorning the walls.

The hot chocolate was three dollars and came in a glass. There was a large amount of froth but was tasty and gave the hot chocolate a creamy texture. It was decorated with a semicircle of chocolate powder on top Chocolate powder was sprinkled on top. The hot chocolate was served with two pink marshmallows.

Strathalbyn is known for its antique shops but it also has a number of galleries and places exhibiting art. Jack's Café is on the Strathalbyn art trail which also includes the Stationmaster's Gallery. This converted railway station was also part of the SALA 2010 festival.

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