Monday, April 18, 2011

Dunks and Unley

On the corner of Dunks Street and Unley Road is a new Café which also sells second hand furniture. There are a couple of different areas to sit. Patrons can sit out the front under the umbrellas or sit in the furniture shop amongst some decorative tables and chairs. This represents and interesting synergy of businesses.

The hot chocolate came in a similar cup and saucer to Barnacle Bills. The saucers were triangle, the base of the cup was square and the top of the cup was circular. The drink was topped with a brown froth and sprink of dark chocolate powder. The rest of the hot chocolate was a milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate flavour. The cost was $3.30.
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  1. I must say that the Dunks & Unley hot chocolate I experienced is deliciously rich and creamy. It was a very cosy experience sitting in the lounge area with a warming cup in my hand.