Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dome Espresso – 23 Flavours of Hot Chocolate

Dome Espresso is hidden away at the base of the Westpac building. It is just off Currie Street behind the façade of the old bank buildings where Adelaide Stock Exchange screens display the latest stock prices. Its official address is 91 King William Street and it is at the opposite side of the building to The Daily Planet. The Dome is distinctive because it is housed inside an impressive geodesic dome. The food seems to be limited to cold prepackaged sandwhiches although the café does heat up croissants.

Your reviewer thought he had landed in heaven when he found out that all 23 Flavours of the Fraus hot chocolate range are available at Dome Espresso. Fraus is known for its thick chocolate that they market as "European Hot chocolate" which is very similar to the Italian hot chocolate discussed at times in this blog. Alas, no-one in Dome Espresso understands thick hot chocolate.

On the first visit your reviewer ordered the Fraus dark hot chocolate and received a large biodegradeable paper cup with a fairly thin, milky hot chocolate with a bubbly froth on top. While taste of the Fraus flavour there, the consistency and richness was not and the drink was too hot. One redeeming feature of the hot drinks at Dome is that you get a complimentary Cadbury chocolate. The cost was $3.90.

While the biodegradeable paper cup was a noble concern your reviewer preferred to return next time with his own ceramic mug which Dome were happy to fill. The staff members were instructed that only 150 mls of milk were to be added to a serve of chocolate powder as per the Fraus instructions. This time the strawberry Fraus flavour was chosen. The result was a better drink, the drink was richer and the strawberry flavour was pleasant but it still was not right. The serve of chocolate powder should be 28grams and the consistency of this drink suggested it had been short-changed.
Your reviewer may try again. If they get it right Dome Espresso may have him return for the 21 remaining flavours.

Dome Espresso is now on the list of disappearing hot chocolate venues.

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