Thursday, May 6, 2010

Short Black Espresso Bar

The name of this coffee shop is not immediately obvious from the outside. It was only after that Merkel looked up the address of 87 Hindley Street and worked out that the place was called Short Black Espresso Bar. It is a small place with five or six table inside and a couple of tables on the pavement, but the shop provides a few snacks and good coffee.

The standard hot chocolate at Short Black came in a glass without a napkin which was a bit hot on the fingertips and a long spoon which was a bit incongruous. A long spoon for a short glass is better than a short spoon for a long glass which has been encountered by your reviewer before. The hot chocolate was presented with a white froth and a liberal sprinkling of chocolate powder on top. The drink required a stir but was a good dark chocolate flavour and not too sweet.

Your reviewer made a special effort to return to Short Black Espress to try the Italian hot chocolate. This Café and Cibo refer to it as "Cioccolato Italiana". Unfortunatley it is not the same thick black hot chocolate as served in the Cibo venues. For $4.00 your reviewer got a hot chocolate with a good dark flavour but not the real thick European hot chocolate he was after.
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