Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cocolat, Rundle Chilli

Cocolat in Rundle Street is one of Merkel's favourite places to enjoy a hot chocolate. There also Cocolat Cafes in Balhannah and Adelaide Airport. Merkel and Myrtle visited their recently for a hot chocolate and a dessert.

Merkel chose the Chilli Hot Chocolate this time. He had also had this at the Balhannah Cocolat but this one was a more subtle taste. Where the Balhannah drink was strong on chilli and comparatively weak on chocolate, the Rundle Street drink was more in balance and had the subtlety of a cinnamon flavour as well. The drink was impeccably presented with a white froth and shavings of chocolate on top. It was served in a tall glass with a handle with a saucer containing a marshmallow. The cost was $4.50 and drink went very well with a Cocolat Jaffa dessert.

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