Friday, November 13, 2009

Billy Baxter's

There are 15 Billy Baxter's franchises in Adelaide according to the web site. The franchise has a good menu of light meals and drinks. This makes Billy Baxter's more numerous than Cibo and Bean Bar. Bean Bar still has more Central Business District locations. All outlets feature the Billy Baxter cartoon character.

Mitcham Shopping Centre
The standard hot chocolate and Vienna hot chocolate were available on the menu at Mitcham shopping centre. Merkel chose the Vienna hot chocolate. It was $4.50 and came in a generous mug topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa. Merkel pointed out that the menu promised a marshmallow with the drink. After checking this fact, the young waitress brought over two marshmallows (white and pink of course). The chocolate itself was a light Swiss style hot chocolate and had a good flavour.

City Cross
The Billy Baxter's in the City Cross Arcade is on the first floor just up the escalators in the Middle of the shopping centre. There is plenty seating and partrons get to look down on the crowds in the food hall. Merkel had the standard hot chocolate which came in a large Billy Baxter mug with a marshmallow. The hot chocolate was topped with a white froth and sprinkle of chocolate. The flavour was nice and dark but the drink was a little watery. The cost of the drink was $4.20.

Regent Arcade
In the centre of Regent Arcade there are a couple of coffee shops. One of them is a Billy Baxter's. There is plenty of seating in the shop and a couple of tables in the Arcade.

It was a hot day so Merkel had an iced chocolate. This cost $5.20 and included vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream sprinkled with chocolate. The drink was made with chocolate syrup and milk. It tasted good but it did not have the chocolate mousse flavour of the iced chocolate at Duthy Street Deli. However this was a better iced chocolate than the one at Duthy Street Deli because there were not so many milky boring bits.

Myer Centre
Apparently this was the first Billy Baxter's established in 1991. It is much like the others with plenty of comfortable seating and the cartoon character everywhere.

As the weather was still very hot and the iced chocolate at Regent Arcade was delicious, Merkel decided to try this drink again at the Myer Centre. It was again, well presented in a tall glass with ice cream, whipped cream and cocoa on top. The chocolate sauce patterns on the side were not quite as marked as the Regent Arcade drink. The drink had been slightly stirred to mix in the chocolate flavour. This was a good tasting, good looking iced chocolate.

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