Saturday, December 11, 2010

Millie's Bakeries


There are four outlets of Millie's Bakery in South Australia. Your reviewer has been Millie's Bakery in Dulwich and Mount Barker. He recently visited the Stirling shop near the main roundabout. The one remaining shop is in Nairne.
The hot chocolate was $4.00 and came in a generous mug and saucer. The saucer had a marshmallow. The froth on the hot chocolate was decorated with a couple of lines of chocolate powder and a criss-cross pattern in chocolate syrup. The presentation in Dulwich was better but the creaminess and taste of the Stirling Millie's was excellent.


Millie's Bakery in Nairne is in an a building contructed as a stable many years ago on the Main Street of countryside Nairne. It is smaller than the other Millies but sells similar fare.

The hot chocolate was $4.20 in the same generous mug and saucer as the Stirling shop with the same pink marshmallow. The decoration with the chocolate syrup was defter than the Stirling Bakery and only had a light sprinkling of chocolate powder on top. The Dulwich Bakery still had the best presentation. Your reviewer is not sure why there was a disparity in pricing between the three bakeries of the same name. The Stirling outlet had the creamiest best tasting hot chocolate.

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