Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Paparazzi Renovated

Paparazzi has undergone significant renovations. No longer is the coffee and desserts bar in an island in the middle of the restaurant but it has been moved against one wall. This probably allowed the Café to put in more tables and provide certain logistical advantages. The décor of the old Paparazzi was not getting old or dated and the new one still looks pretty clean and chic.

The hot chocolate now comes in a Vittoria coffee cup rather than a Coffex cup. The Vittoria logo is on the inside drinker-facing position. This has the disadvantage that the unwary drinker sees something black stuck to the insider of the cup. Relief occurs when the level of drink recedes far enough to reveal a logo and not an insect. The hot chocolate cost four dollars and was a light Swiss style drink. It was topped with white froth with a line of chocolate powder across the middle.
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