Saturday, December 12, 2009


This is a fine food restaurant with table service. Good waiters have the ability to remember orders, pick up piles of plates and do so inconspicuously. When you get a poor experience it helps you appreciate their skills and training even more. It was just such an evening at Barendoe where the waiting staff exhibited their inexperience. They had to yell out dishes to find out who had ordered them, they stacked the plates on the table, delivered a plate to the wrong table, and they charged for an extra main course. The food took ages to come to some people at your reviewer's table and the issue of the over-charging was not resolved with grace and efficiency as it should have been.

Still the service did not distract your reviewer from his main purposes in life which is to sample hot chocolates. The hot chocolate was only three dollars, which was a surprise given the cost of some of the meals at Barendoe. It came in a small glass with no napkin to preserve your reviewer's fingertips. It had a creamy froth and liberal sprinkle of chocolate on top. The drink tasted creamy and chocolaty and left your reviewer wanting more.
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  1. yeah whatever, we dine there all the time and never have experienced or seen any of your accusations. The food is great and the friendly service is fantastic, we love it there.

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  3. No offence, but I wouldn't be listening to a review from someone who spends their life going from place to place just to sample hot chocolates??? Seriously??? I'm a weekly regular @ Barendoe and the service and food are amazing - so it's no surprise they are nominated in the informal dining category at this years restaurant and catering awards. Sorry to disappoint you, but no catergory in the awards for best hot chocolate!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am glad the service has improved.

    There is no surprise either that Barendoe were not nominated for the 2009 Merkel Awards for excellence in Hot Chocolates. They are unlikely to rate in the 2010 Awards either.