Friday, December 4, 2009

Scuzzi Café

Scuzzi is one of the many good restaurants on O'Connell Street North Adelaide. It is the second review your reviewer has done from this street. The first was Cafe Paesano.

Scuzzi has plenty of seating inside and out. The seating is comfortable with a choice of kitchen chairs or comfortable lounge chairs. The polished wooden tables and wood panelling created a warm ambience. Patrons can sit and watch the passing traffic through North Adelaide.

The standard hot chocolate only costs three dollars and comes in a Lavazza coffee cup. It comes with plenty of froth, a sprinkle of chocolate and a marshmallow. The drink was chocolaty and rich but there was not enough of it. The froth was good but took up too much of the volume of the cup.

Having not had a sufficient chocolate fix, your reviewer then ordered the iced chocolate for four dollars. This came in tall glass topped with chocolate gelati and whipped cream. The mixture of chocolate milk, chocolate syrup and the ice cream created a subtle pattern on the glass but not as dramatic as patterns on the drink at Billy Baxter's or Duthy Street Deli. The drink was sufficiently chocolaty and was a good value thirst quencher on a dry day.
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