Monday, November 8, 2010


There are two Mapo outlets in Adelaide. One is the restaurant in Gouger Street. Merkel visited the outlet that is referred to as the “lunchbox” on the website. This is a small cafe in James Place, a few doors down from Rush Espresso, with two small tables and a bar with bar stools. In Merkel's opinion either the bar is too high or the bar stools are too low.

Mapo serves Korean food. Merkel was reminded of a phone call from his sister many years ago who was touring Korea. She had tried the delicacy ‘Bulgogi’ and because the line was bad Merkel thought she was eating “Bull Doggy”. This was consistent with the Korean penchant for eating dogs. Fortunately Bulgogi dish is a beef dish and contains no canine ingredients. Visitors to Mapo can enjoy Bulgogi too and also Sushi and other Korean dishes.

The hot chocolate came in special plastic beaker. Made by Bodin it has air inside the walls so that it insulates the heat of the drink and preserves the drinker’s fingertips. The hot chocolate unfortunately did not have enough chocolate in it. It was topped with a white froth and was on special for only $2.50.

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