Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bean Bar, Bank Street

The décor the Bank Street Bean Bar at 132 North Terrace was looking tacky when Merkel visited recently. The chairs were looking frayed and there was a big temporary air conditioning unit in the eating area.

Merkel asked for more chocolate in his drink because the ones he received from the Bean Bars at City Cross and Hindmarsh Square were a little insipid. This was a good idea as the drink was good and rich although a bit sweeter than Merkel would have liked. The drink came with the normal Bean bar glass, froth and sprinkle of chocolate powder. The cost was $3.30.

In the interests of higher research Merkel decided to investigate the trademarks of Bean Bar and to see if there are enough similarities to create a trademark dispute. Both logos use an orange background and a white "B". In the Bean Bar case the "B" is usually on its side in the shape of a teacup. In the picture below the top two images are the trademarks of and Bean Bar respectively. A bit of rotation and squashing has the trademark looking a bit like a mug and the Bean Bar trademark looking a bit like the Blogger "B". Merkel concludes however that there will not be any lawsuit soon between these two companies.

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