Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Year, Another Chocolate Bean Hot Chocolate

The movie "Another Year" was showing at the Palace cinema on Rundle Street recently. Merkel, Myrtle and a couple of friends met there. "Another Year" was a movie divided into four seasons, featuring a sublimely happy ageing couple and their desperately lonely dysfunctional friends. Sitting through this movie was at times like being a part of some strange family's extended and fairly tedious dinner party. Nothing really happens and there seems to be no story and few surprises, but it does develop some very good characters with some highly skilled acting performances.

After the movie the group adjourned to the the Chocolate Bean in nearby Union Street for refreshment. Merkel had the ginger bread hot chocolate. The Belgian chocolate was topped with a bubbly forth and dollop of whipped cream. The ginger bread flavour was quite discernable. This was a sweet milky hot chocolate rather than the earthy ginger flavour of the Bliss ginger hot chocolate

The ginger bread hot chocolate is photographed here with the Chocolate Bean iced chocolate glass which is decorated by melted chocolate drizzled on the inside of the glass. The ginger bread hot chocolate was $4.80 and the iced chocolate was $5.20.

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