Sunday, September 19, 2010

Duthy's Bakehouse

Duthy's Bakehouse at 84 Duthy Street, Malvern is in the same set of shops have Doof Doof reviewed earlier. It is retail bakery selling a good range of cakes, pies and quiches but also has some counters and stools for the eat-in customer. There are also a couple of tables outside.

The hot chocolate seemed to take and age to make and came in a white ceramic mug. It was topped with a white froth and sprinkle of chocolate. The drink was not sufficiently creamy or chocolaty. The final bill was very reasonable though. The take away costs for beverages were $3.20 but the coffee and hot chocolates to eat in were on special for only two dollars.


  1. Get yourself to Koko Black. Stat! Best hot chocolate I've found in Australia (well worth travelling to Melbourne for). Lindt dark hot chocolate comes a close second...

    Love your work :)

  2. Thanks IKHTC. Nice blog site. Your not the first person to refer me to Koko Black. It will be a must when I go to Melbourne. I've not got any plans though. Going to Alice Springs shortly.


  3. ive been to Duthys and they may not be known for hot chocolate, but the chocolate croissantsare to die for