Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Real Hot Chocolate

Anyone claiming to be The Real Hot Chocolate will attract the attention of Merkel Marmaduke. A friend found these instant hot chocolates at Wheel & Barrow in Norwood. They are simply a block of chocolate on the end of a spoon much like the concept of Chau Colat. You just warm up the milk and put your chocolate on a stick, or a spoon in this case, in the milk and wait for it melt.

The Real Hot Chocolate is made in New South Wales and available in flavours of milk, lime, dark, white, orange, caramel and strawberry. I went for the Dark which produced a good flavoured dark hot chocolate. The chocolate softens and mixes reasonably quickly but some restraint is required to avoid eating the chocolate off the end of the spoon before it has fully melted.

Other places that apparently stock "The Real Hot Chocolate" are Jones the Grocer, Alfonso's Continental, Wild Thyme, Shankers Authentic Indian Cuisine and Udder Delights Cheese Cellar in Hahndorf.

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