Monday, October 14, 2013

Fair Espresso

Your reviewer visit Fair Espresso recently.  The name was familiar as your review had a hot chocolate from a Fair Espresso cart at the Semaphore Music Festival in 2010.  The new shop at 20 James Place is cozy with limited seating inside and out the front.  It specialises in fair-trade and organic food and beverages.  It does light meals and a range of coffees and hot chocolates.

The choice was between a fair-trade or a dark hot chocolate at $4.00 or milk hot chocolate at $3.80.  Your reviewer tried the fair-trade hot chocolate.  A large cup was 70 cents extra.  The drink came in a brown ceramic cup and saucer.  There was a well-executed example of latte art on the froth and a sprinkle of chocolate powder.  The taste was creamy and rich and proved to be an excellent drink.  The shop has fulfilled the early promise shown by event cart.

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